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Call us 1st as we have the fastest turn around times and cheapest rates for all repairs.

We have solutions for all of your computing problems both hardware and software. Any make any model we have seen them all and we have the solutions to fix all problems for you.

Laptop Keyboards replaced Ferny Grove.

Laptop repairs Ferny GroveDoes your laptop have sticky keys or maybe some that do not work then it is time to replace that keyboard as there is nothing worse than trying to work with a laptop with a non functioning keyboard. This is a cheap and fast repair with most keyboards costing around $100 to supply and fit, so don’t delay call us today.

Laptop charging issues fixed Ferny Grove.

Do you get no response from your laptop when trying to switch it on? Maybe the charger will only work when you wiggle the cord around at the plug or port on the laptop this  Could be a faulty charging port / jack that is preventing your laptop from charging, we can test this for free and check your battery, charger and jack. Come on in and don’t forget to bring your charger it’s free.

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Laptop running slow Ferny Grove.

Laptop fix ferny groveDo you have to go make the tea while your laptop warms up / starts up? Are you having to wait whilst your laptop opens one of your applications and it seems to take forever to open? This is a common fault with laptops which is caused by windows 10 hogging all of your laptops resources which has a big impact on the user experience, but fear not as this is something that can be rectified by fixing the Windows issues that your laptop is having so give us a call and get back on track.

Virus removal Ferny grove.

Are you getting strange things happening to your laptop when you are trying to look on the internet, not the page you want or your browser home page has changed and it looks like the laptop has a mind of its own. This could or should I say is some type of Malware infection that your laptop is suffering from which needs attention. Are you also getting some strange program running everytime you switch on your laptop and you can’t get rid of this? The good news is we can fix this and remove all of you virus and malware problems for just $125 fixed.

Laptop screen repairs Ferny grove.

You can’t see your laptops screen due to the distorted picture, have you got lines running through the screen or perhaps it looks like someone has thrown something at your screen and it looks shattered. Good news is You Don’t have to feel shattered as we stock most common laptop screens and can have this fixed for as little as $200 fitted with our 12 month warranty.

We cover the following models:

    • Toshiba
    • Asus
    • Sony
    • HP
    • AlienWare
  • Dell
  • Samsung
  • Acer
  • Apple
  • Medion

We have the equipment necessary to recover your data fast, effectively and at good rates, Call us or bring your Hard drive to us for a free test and quote.

Laptop not switching on or taking a charge “STOP” Bring it in to us for a free diagnostics test as these issues can cost you unnecessary $$$$ if not diagnosed correctly.

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We can do any of the following repairs.

  • Laptop black screen
  • keyboard replacement
  • DC Jack repairs
  • Data Recovery
  • Mouse / touchpad problems
  • Laptop not powering on
  • laptop LCD repairs
  • Liquid Spill repairs
  • SSD upgrades
  • Cracked or broken screen
  • Laptop Overheating
  • Keyboard not responding
  • Insurance Quotes
  • Broken case or hinges fixed
  • Virus removal
  • Hard drive problems
  • Broken USB port repairs


We fix Hard drives, Keyboards,Virus Removal, Charging ports and LCD screens  Call us for all your Laptop repairs Ferny Grove as we are experts at what we do! We fix these issues on a daily basis.

For prompt Friendly service Call us for all your laptop repair needs in Ferny Grove  (07) 31087170  

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