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All Of Your Out Of Warranty Apple Mac Repairs and Upgrades.

Mac Repairs Brisbane

Brisbane Mac Repairs and upgrades

At iFixlaptops we offer the beat and most cost effective Apple mac repair service Brisbane wide. We repair all kinds of Apple devices such as; Macbooks, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMacs, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, iPads and iPods.

Apple Macintosh repairs and upgrades are our speciality, We are a professional repair business based in a shop on the Northside of Brisbane. We have the fastest and most cost effective solutions to all of your Macintosh problems.

Our Mac repair services start at $125 per hour and most jobs are done within the hour. We do not charge by the hour and offer a fixed price quote for repairs and upgrades, so that the customer knows upfront what the repair cost is going to be. We carry an extensive range of spares in stock so that our turn around times are the fastest in Brisbane.

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We can do all out of warranty repairs on your apple devices, even the ones that other Brisbane Apple repair shops won’t touch like graphics chip reflows, broken USB ports, liquid damage, 2011 macbook pro AMD graphics issues.

Apple iMac graphics problems fixed.

Do you have an iMac with display problems, this is no problem we can repair this for a fraction of the cost of replacing the graphics card or replacing your mac. We have the equipment to repair this and even offer a warranty on the repair.

Apple store told you that it can’t be fixed, then bring it into our repair store and we will fix it for you in no time, we get a lot of older iMacs, Macbooks and Macbook pros that have been written off only for us to revive these devices saving our customers a small fortune.

Apple Macbook Retina Battery replacement.

If you need a new battery for the Macbook Pro retina model laptop then give us a call as we keep these in stock and can have this done for you same day. We stock for the A1502, A1425 and the A1398 model retina and we also carry stock of Macbook Air and Macbook pro batteries.

Apple mac liquid spill repairs.

If you have suffered a liquid spill on any Apple mac device this is no problem as we do this type of repair every day, We are always faced with replacing faulty components after a liquid spill and we do keep stock of these parts.  We can replace your Backlight Driver chip if you have no light on your LCD screen but can see a very faint picture.

IMPORTANT If you have a spill turn off your device and have a professional look at the laptop and clean it through an ultrasonic cleaning bath. This will save you a small fortune replacing your device as it will be cleaned up and any damage repaired before it is too late.

Apple Mac keyboard replacement.

Had a liquid spill then you will need to have your Macbook laptop looked at to access the damage, most times you will need a new keyboard fitted inside your laptop.  Sometimes keys on your keyboard just stop working and this will need a new keyboard as these keyboards are not a serviceable component as they are sealed units. We offer this service to our customers with a same or next day turnaround on keyboard replacement.

As well as being your go-to for Apple Repairs Brisbane, we are also very experienced at upgrading Macs. Whether you want more storage space, faster speed or just the latest OS, we can help you. Best yet, we don’t take forever or cost you an arm and a leg!

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Need to replace your iMac hard drive?

No problem we can have this job completed within 24 hrs and we would even suggest upgrading to an SSD drive for better speed and performance, CALL US NOW to discuss your options. We cover the newer slim model 27″ and 21″ models and can have these repaired in a 24 hour turnaround time.

Cracked your Macbook Air screen?

Need screen repair or replacement in a hurry we can have this job done within 24 hrs as we keep stock of both 11.3 and the 13.3 inch screens. We also stock screens for the macbook pro with retina display, this is also a same day repair as stock is on hand for fast macbook repair.

A few things to do if you have a liquid spill on your Apple Mac device.

  • Turn off your device by holding down power button till switched off.
  • if keyboard spill turn face down on counter with towel under to absorb the liquid
  • Do not plug in a charger
  • Take the Macbook air or pro to a professional to cleanup.
  • If you go to the Genius bar make sure they do not plug the battery in or make them unplug the battery as this will help reduce further damage.
  • We have many customers who tell us that it was working ok after the spill but now will not switch on anymore.

We also repair computers and repair laptops that are not Apple so if you need help with other computers we can do it all.

We can pickup from the following areas Ashgrove, Arana Hills, Mitchelton, The Gap, Bardon, Albany Creek, Grovely, Everton Hills & Everton Park.

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