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We can repair and recover your hard drive data.  PCB repairs for drives that are not recognized or do not spin up when powered on.

At Ifixlaptops we can test and diagnose the fault on your hard drive within 5 minutes and it costs you nothing, we have specialized equipment  that will give us an in depth report on the suspect hard drive.

Make backups now and save headaches later!

To avoid any headaches later in life it is imperative to have at least one backup of your critical data. This can be done on an external drive 1TB approx cost is $100, then you can do several different things with this drive:

  • Manually backup your critical data
  • Automate the process with software eg (Karens replicator) free to download and use.
  • Backups using windows
  • Make an image of your drive and incremental backups
  • Buy some cloud storage and make backups in the cloud.

All hard drives will eventually fail as they are mechanical devices.

You will notice when there are problems with your HDD as things will start to slow down, we get this from a lot of customers who say that the laptop is running slow but after testing the drive we find Bad Sectors and a failing drive.

Some computers or laptops will use the SMART function built into the drive to inform the user that there is a pending disaster and to backup data before complete failure.

Some hard drives will just FAIL without any notice, with the message that no boot device found.

You can remove the drive and connect it to another computer via a usb caddy to see if you can detect it, but in general it is always better to take it to a professional for diagnoses or repair.

If you have a mac then you can boot into target mode by pressing the T key at boot time, and connect via firewire to another mac and if you are lucky then your drive should show up on the other mac.

There are two categories that failed drives fall into : Logical failure and mechanical failure.

With a logical failure the drive is physically OK, but because of either a corrupt partition table or accidental formatting or a corrupt file system, the drive is unable to access its data. The data is there so whatever you do do not format or initialise the drive as this will make it harder to find your data.

With a mechanical failure  your drive has broken parts that are preventing it from working
this is where the heads on the disk crash causing a clicking or grinding noise or the servo motor that drives the spindles fails. There can also be failures on the circuit board in which case the drive does not spin or get detected.

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Here are some of the most common data recovery services we provide:

  • Hard drive makes clicking sound
  • Detects drive but shows as empty
  • Hard drive surface damage
  • Accidental data or file deletion
  • External drive not powering up
  • Deleted or corrupted log file
  • File system corruption
  • Laptop Hard Drive recovery
  • Inaccessible drive files
  • External drive turns on but no files

Apple Mac Data Recovery Service

We also recover data from Apple computers after all a HDD is just that regardless of the operating system, sometimes it may be possible to do disk repairs without having to remove the drive. For drives or laptops that appear to be running slow it would be wise to have this checked as it may be a sign of a failing hard drive.

We also repair laptops, macs and computers. So contact us today for all your computer service needs.