How To Check If System Restore Is On Or Off

How to check if system restore is turned on

1st thing to check is that the system restore function is turned on as this can recover your system from any windows related errors or system changes.

Steps to achieve this

To do this click on the start button and in the search box type “advanced system settings”. At the top of the window click on the “view advanced system settings”.  It should come up under the control panel as seen below.

system restoreUnder the system protection drop down you will see that system restore is marked “Turn off system protection” So by ticking it you turn it off and by having it unticked you turn it on. You will only need it for your system drive C:

system restore

The other options on this page are configure which will allow you to manually turn system restore off or on.

system restore

Or you can manually create a restore point and name it. Always a handy function if you are messing around with system files or modifying settings in windows.

system restore

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