Windows 8 Start Button Solution

If you have just acquired a new laptop or desktop computer then you are more than likely finding it a bit of a struggle to find and do things that you used to do with ease.

The new operating system from Microsoft works great on a touch screen or tablet pc but not so with the standard mouse and keyboard. We can only ask why the change in the user interface and the answer probably lies in competing with apple for a slice of the mobile and tablet market.

Apples interface is clean, smooth and easy to use ask anyone who owns an iphone, ipad or a mac. When apple releases a newer version of it’s OSX nothing changes things still work as they used to and keeps customers happy.

Windows 8 Start Button Solution

So to get around this dilemma that you now face here are a few options to get you back up and running with your new Windows 8 pc.  You can download and install a start button which will give you the power over the pc to do as you used to do without all the headaches that you now face.

Classic Shell is a free home button that will make you happy again with all the functionality of previous versions of windows and many customisation options, but the standard install will be enough for most users. This is a free download but you can make a small donation to help with improvements and development of this product.

Vistart 8 Once again another great product and very user friendly interface for you to try, this is sure to put a smile on your face as the cost is free.

Start8 This is another great product that I have used which has all the functionality of the Windows of old, once again the standard install will be enough for most users.   The cost of this is a measly $5 for the basic download which is all that is required for most users.

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