Should you Repair or Replace your Computer

Is it cheaper to buy new or repair your old computer?

Now days it may be possible to replace your old faulty Laptop or Computer with a new one, as parts have become so cheap it makes replacing the whole device an option. The thing to remember here is that you get what you Pay for so the quality of the parts used on the new device may be of an inferior quality.
The main thing to consider here is what is broken and the cost of that repair.

Faulty keyboard Most can be repaired for $100 or less $100
Broken DC jack Worth repairing $130 to $150 $130
Failed hard drive Most common failure in laptops $250
Broken LCD Screen Very common fault approx cost $190 but some models are expensive to repair. $190
Broken hinge Normally this fault will cause extensive damage to other parts of the laptop. $130
Faulty cooling fan Will need replacing as this will shutdown the laptop. $130
Virus infection This is common for all windows based systems and is an easy repair. $110
Faulty motherboard This is an expensive repair for any laptop or PC and can cost up to $800. $350
Faulty charger These are a common fault but have it diagnosed before spending money. $80
Graphics issues This can be expensive as the cards are designed for individual laptops but any will fit into a PC. $300
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Looking at the above table it would be more beneficial to repair as opposed to replace a laptop or desktop computer unless it is a laptop in need of a new motherboard.

When considering the upgrade option one needs to consider what you use the computer for if only E-Mail, Documents and the internet then the upgrade path is the route to take.

The Advantages of buying a new computer.

  • A new machine will be faster at first.
  • You can run the latest software.
  • You get a 12 month warranty.

The Disadvantages of a new computer.

  • A new laptop or computer may seem like the correct option at the time but, they will not be of the same quality build as your old computer or laptop. These cheap models that are advertised are of poor quality inside and out.
  • You will need to get someone to transfer your data and programs from old computer to new computer which will cost.
  • Some older software may not run on the new operating system meaning that you will have to purchase compatible software.
  • You can get extended warranty but this does come at a cost.
  • When buying a new computer you may encounter the salesman who will upsell the product, and you may end up with items that you will never use.
  • Now days you will get windows 8 and have a steep learning curve.

Some simple maintenance to your computer will prolong the life span of the device, but people do not do the simple things till it is too late.
If your laptop is running Hot have your laptop cleaned out internally as overheating is the biggest killer of laptops, you will only have to get this done once every few years.
This is the only maintenance task required on a laptop and removing lint build up with a new coating of thermal grease will work wonders for an old laptop, as overheating causes the CPU to slow down in both laptops and P.C’s.

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