Mac Repairs Everton Park

If you need Mac repairs Everton Park or are having problems with any of your mac products, give us a call we are just around the corner.

We repair all Macs from; Macbook Pro, Macbook Air to Apple iMac, we repair many problems that others can’t or do not want to fix like Graphics chip faults which seem to be a big issue at the moment.

Mac repairs Everton Park

Macbook Air

To repair this Graphics fault correctly there is a required profile that needs to be used, we have the Dark IR (Infra Red) equipment that is required for this and we have the correct profile that we have perfected for this repair.
We do not use hot air for this repair as it is impossible to control the temperature of air and hot air does have its uses but this repair is not one of them. This repair requires that a Temperature profile is followed and be controlled to within 1 degree Celsius.

If you need the front glass screen on your macbook pro replaced then we are the guys to come to for a fast turn around (30 mins), and a 12 month warranty on parts and labour.

Macbook Pro 13″ front glass $149 fitted.

Macbook Pro 15″ front glass  $169 fitted.

We are capable of performing a wide variety of services to Macs from;

  • Keyboard replacement
  • Screen Repairs
  • Repairs for Water Damage
  • Graphics/Display faults
  • OSX & Hardware Updates
  • SSD upgrades
  • Hard drive upgrades
  • Graphics chip / GPU repairs
  • Much Much More

All LCD Screen Repairs

If you have broken your LCD or are having issues with the white screen on your laptop then our friendly staff are here to assist you.
We keep stock on all LCD screens required for your mac and it does not have to cost an Arm & a Leg to have this repaired.
We stock the front glass for 13 inch Macbook Pros which we can fix for the low price of $149 and the 15 inch for $169.
Both of these are we can complete within 30 minutes at our Everton Park store.
We can also supply and fit the complete top half assembly for the Mac Air, Mac Pro & Mac Pro Retina just call to book in you repair.

So if you are having any problems with your Apple device then Give Us A Call! We are the Mac repair Everton Park experts! We are able to fix all of these problems quickly.

For all your Mac repair needs in Everton Park call us on (07) 31087170  

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