Mac Repairs Ashgrove

If you’re looking for Mac repairs Ashgrove then, you’ve come to the right place.

We can repair most Macs from the;

  • Macbook Pro
  • Macbook Air
  • Apple iMac
  • Mac mini models.  

We Fix Graphics chip faults which seem to be a big issue with most models models at the moment, we also do the Macbook Pro front Screen / glass that has been cracked or smashed.
Macbook Pro 13″ front glass  $149 fitted.
Macbook Pro 15″ front glass  $169 fitted.
We also stock 13″ Retina display assembly units with a same day service.

For all Out Of Warranty Repairs call us now as we have the fastest turnaround time for all Macbooks and iMac desktops.
Do you have a Graphics chip problem or a broken USB port or even liquid damage. No problem for us we repair these faults everyday!
We have a 100% success rate for  graphics card faults as we have the expensive Dark IR (Infra Red) equipment that is needed for successful repair of this fault.
Do you need your Mac upgrading? We not only do the repairs we can upgrade too!
Keyboard replacement for Mac Air and Macbook Pro $220.00.

Macbook Pro rpeairs

Macbook Pro repairs

Have you spilt liquid onto your keyboard? No problem we can clean it up for you.
Any other problems with your Mac, give us a call we can assist with various other issues you may be having.

Is your Mac in need of any of the following repairs?

  • Mac has no video output
  • keyboard repairs
  • Macbook Pro Front Glass
  • Touchpad problems
  • Mac not turning on
  • Broken LCD repairs
  • Liquid Spill
  • SSD upgrades
  • Mac shutting down randomly
  • Cracked Glass  screen
  • Laptop Overheating
  • Keyboard not working
  • Beachball at start up
  • Broken case or hinges
  • Macbook not taking a charge
  • Suspect Hard drive issues 
  • Broken USB, audio or video port

Then Give Us A Call!  For all your Mac repairs Ashgrove as we are experts at what we do! We are able to fix all of these problems quickly, effectively and professionally!

For all your Mac repair needs in Ashgrove call us on (07) 31087170 

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