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Should you Repair or Replace your Computer

Is it cheaper to buy new or repair your old computer?

Now days it may be possible to replace your old faulty Laptop or Computer with a new one, as parts have become so cheap it makes replacing the whole device an option. The thing to remember here is that you get what you Pay for so the quality of the parts used on the new device may be of an inferior quality. The main thing to consider here is what is broken and the cost of that repair.

How To Check If System Restore Is On Or Off

How to check if system restore is turned on

1st thing to check is that the system restore function is turned on as this can recover your system from any windows related errors or system changes.

Steps to achieve this

To do this click on the start button and in the search box type "advanced system settings". At the top of the window click on the "view advanced system settings".  It should come up under the control panel as seen below. (more…)...

Windows 8 Start Button Solution

If you have just acquired a new laptop or desktop computer then you are more than likely finding it a bit of a struggle to find and do things that you used to do with ease. The new operating system from Microsoft works great on a touch screen or tablet pc but not so with the standard mouse and keyboard. We can only ask why the change in the user interface and the answer probably lies in competing with apple for a slice of the mobile and tablet market. Apples interface is clean, smooth and easy to use ask anyone who owns an iphone, ipad or a mac. When apple releases a newer version of it’s OSX nothing changes things still work as they used to and keeps customers happy.

Windows 8 Start Button Solution

So to get around...
Faulty keyboard Most can be repaired for $100 or less $100
Broken DC jack Worth repairing $130 to $150 $130
Failed hard drive Most common failure in laptops $250
Broken LCD Screen Very common fault approx cost $190 but some models are expensive to repair. $190